Typewriter at the flea market

How Not to Succeed As a Freelance Writer

I’ve been freelancing on and off for more than 15 years. While I’ve been lucky to land some decent-paying projects with a few well-known publishers and online outlets, I’ve always wondered whether there is a secret formula to getting more work. In fact, there is a secret formula to getting more freelance assignments, just as

Nell Zink’s Novel Journey

  "There are a lot of ways to stay safe as a writer: by not writing, by writing to no one, by writing to a single admirer, by challenging the judgment of those with the power to judge, by not putting much effort into your work. 'It’s hard,' Zink writes in 'The Wallcreeper,' 'trying to

Surprise! Doing Things Alone Can Be Fun

A recent study mentioned in Slate (via Science of Us) suggests that many people, especially women, are afraid to take part in certain leisure activities alone, not just because of safety concerns but because of a psychological hang-up that others will pity them. This fear that others will think "that they could not find friends to

Writing Prompts, Prompt Writings

I'm doing it. Here I am on the first day of NaNoWriMo -- National Novel Writing Month -- tapping away in a WordPress window. I am writing. Or, should I say, I #amwriting? I don't have to write a novel. But that's what a lot of other writers are doing this month. The goal for

"When you are very young, you think old people must feel inside as old as they appear on the outside. But as you move towards agedness yourself, you realise that this is entirely wrong. People remain young on the inside, no matter how old they appear. "The idea of 'old' people is therefore a misapprehension

Yoga Joes: Army men strike new warrior poses

Yoga Joes are just like those little green army men you've seen in kids' toy boxes. Only these men are doing yoga. These fun "toys," which are geared more for yoga-practicing grown-ups than enlightened kids, were created by Dan Abramson, whose kickstarter project was just funded. My hope is that Yoga Joes will inspire more