You Can Get More Done Being Anonymous…

“You can get more done being anonymous. I know how people can get famous, but they have to want to do that … It has to tickle the G-spot of their minds, because being anonymous is so much more powerful. You can get so much more done if you’re not worried about fame and fortune.

My beach table at Anzio

Zadie Smith on Finding Your Beach

When you sit down to write on a cool and bright Sunday morning, you hope that you will find an essay like this one from Zadie Smith, which appears in the upcoming issue of the New York Review of Books. "Find Your Beach." At the time Smith wrote this wistful (but, somewhat humorous) essay, an

Dog Day Documentary Dog Day Afternoon is one of the coolest, rawest films I've ever seen. In it, Al Pacino gives such a heartfelt performance as John Wojtowicz, the man who masterminded - and botched - the robbery of a Brooklyn bank in August 1972. Now there's a documentary about the life of Wojtowicz called "The Dog" and

You Should Totally Apply For the TinyLetter Writing Residency

Writers' residencies are becoming all the rage it seems. So here's one where the wifi will probably work. TinyLetter, the newsletter company, is putting up five writers for ten days at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs, California. The timings for the TinyLetter Writing Residency are: Application deadline: September 26 Residency: November

‘It Is Solved By Walking’

"Solvitur ambulando." --St. Augustine I used to drive by a church that had this St. Augustine quote on its entrance sign. "It is solved by walking." The church sat along a very busy road, so I only ever saw the sign as I was sitting in traffic. What a way to stick it to us who