My links for June 6th through June 10th

These are my links for June 6th through June 10th: Our Animal Natures - - Animals do drugs, get cancer and overeat. What we can learn from that. Via @palafo on Twitter. Most beautiful places on earth - A map of the most beautiful places in the world via @spgreenwood on Twitter. Top 3

Three Best Travel Secrets

I've been tagged by Robin Locker at My Mélange to provide my three best travel secrets. She actually tagged me on my site. But I had so many good secrets beyond Italy that I wanted to share my top three non-Italy secrets here. To see the Italy list, head over to Italofile. Have a

The Little Train That Could

Here's the link to my latest travel article on National Geographic's Intelligent Travel Blog. This was my first piece for them, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. This piece is about the Toy Train in Matheran, a hill station outside of Mumbai. India has submitted the toy train, which made its first

On Republic Day, Starting Anew and Moving On

It has been almost nine months since I left India and last posted on the blog. (You'll also notice I moved cyber addresses - from to here.) I was ready to leave India last April, but now I look back on that chaos quite fondly. Indeed, I was also fond of today's holiday -