My Son, The Prince Of Fashion

You are born into a family and those are your people, and they know you and they love you and if you are lucky they even, on occasion, manage to understand you. And that ought to be enough. But it is never enough. Abe had not been dressing up, styling himself, for all these years

Miracle at Nationals Park

"Do you mind if I interview your little boy for The Washington Post?" asked a sandy-haired man in a jacket of the same color. We were all standing in front of the gates of Nationals Park as crowds were streaming in for the opening game of the season. Dante was wearing a bright red National cap

Freelance Travel Writing and the Art of Being a Parent

I recently turned down a press trip to a place I've always wanted to go. The press trip was going to be an all-expenses paid trip to a destination near the Mediterranean Sea. I would go, see the sites, and write about the destination for a few publications. I didn't have a firm assignment for