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Here’s the Official Black-Eyed Susan Recipe For the 2013 Preakness Stakes

2013 Black-Eyed Susan Recipe

The Black-Eyed Susan is hardly as elegant as the Kentucky Derby’s Mint Julep. But, it sounds tasty enough.

The weird thing about the Black-Eyed Susan is that there are so many variations on how to make it. Sometimes it’s made with vodka, sometimes with whiskey. This recipe calls for both vodka and whiskey and Baltimore Business Journal lists five different recipes for the cocktail, all with shots of two different liquors, usually rum and vodka. It’s confusing, but you probably won’t care after a few sips.

The Black-Eyed Susan | The Official Drink Of The Preakness | 2013 Preakness

Miracle at Nationals Park


“Do you mind if I interview your little boy for The Washington Post?” asked a sandy-haired man in a jacket of the same color. We were all standing in front of the gates of Nationals Park as crowds were streaming in for the opening game of the season. Dante was wearing a bright red National cap embroidered with a “W,” and was looking very much the part of the young baseball fan.

“Sure,” I said, then turned to Dante and asked, “would you like to answer a few questions for this man?”

“Do you have tickets?” Dante squealed at the man. “Where are the tickets? WHERE ARE THE TICKETS?”

I looked up at the reporter and told him we were still looking for a pair of tickets. It was a beautiful day, the best you could hope for on April 1. The sun was out, temperatures were in the low 60s. It was the exact opposite weather I expected for Opening Day, which is one of the reasons I hadn’t bothered to order tickets in the first place. When I realized that Dante had the day off of school, I made a decision mid-morning that we would take the Metro down to the ballpark to see if there were any standing-room-only tickets. “Maybe we will get lucky,” I thought.

Dante’s line of questioning continued, “We NEED tickets! Do you have the tickets?”

The reporter looked at me blankly, clearly wondering why he wasn’t the one asking the questions.

“He’s autistic,” I offered. It’s never the first phrase I utter about my son but it comes in handy to explain behaviors that others perceive as odd. “He’s autistic, but I can help him answer the questions if you still want to interview him.”

“Come find me when you get tickets. Good luck!”

The journalist had struck out. He was there to report on the excitement of Opening Day at National Park and our twin sob stories of a boy with autism having no ticket to get into the stadium were not what he was looking for. Read more

Sania, It Was Really Nothing

Now that summer has ushered in the monsoon, there seems to be hardly any justification for India to use sun-baked haziness as a reason to be blinded by Sania Mirza’s incredible mediocrity.

Anytime that the young Indian tennis star plays, it’s a national obsession – at least as far as Indian newspaper editors are concerned. Stories about Sania help break up the monotony of articles on Sachin Tendulkar’s waning abilities and soccer game results that are more than a day old (thanks to the time difference at press time). So, of course, when the 18-year old phenom played at Wimbledon’s Centre Court yesterday, all eyes – and media outlets – were on her.
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Dussehra sara’…whatever will be…

Alas, the Yankees couldn’t pull it off against the Red Sox last night, er, this morning. So, the only thing that could possibly soften the blow of a Yanks loss is…a day off of work.

Woohoo! Tomorrow is Dussehra here in India and it’s a national holiday. So, two four-day weeks in a row..and Diwali isn’t even here yet!

But, back to baseball. I’ve got two questions:

1) Does this mean that Bostonians will finally stop whining?
2) Does this mean that Unfrozen Caveman Johnny Damon will finally cut his hair?

The one hope is that the Sox’ win will give Kerry the big mo’ on the campaign trail. Though, god help us if we have to endure a Boston/Texas series before a Massachusetts/Texas election.

So with that, I say:

Go Cards!

Rivalry Weekend

I hope all of you in the States are enjoying the Yankees/Red Sox weekend. I see the teams split the first two games, so hopefully Mussina and the Yanks will be able to pull off one more win today. I’ve been praying to Ganesha (also god of removing obstacles), so Pedro, Millar, Ortiz, and the others should worry. Come on, Ganesha…I’m counting on you.

In my world, I’ve got my own little rivalry to look forward to this afternoon. Anthony and I have been watching tons of cricket – if it’s not live, then there’s always some rebroadcast somewhere – and we’re starting to figure out the rules. Wickets, runs, bowlers…it’s kind of fun. Anyhow, India and Pakistan play each other today at 2:45 – about an hour or so from when I’m writing – and it should be quite a competition. Not sure if we’re going to try to head to a sports bar to watch or if we’ll just watch at home.

Nevertheless, since I won’t get to enjoy watching Jeter and Bernie, I’ve found a new favorite player to root for. Check out Harbhajan Singh of the Indian team. He’s been dubbed the “Turbanator” and it’s a trip to watch him play.

By the way, cricket commentary is also quite hilarious, and it almost has to be because the games are so long. We were watching a replay of a recent game in the ICC tourney between India and England, and England made a mistake (took off running when they shouldn’t have, giving India a chance to knock down their wicket).

“That’s too bad for the England side.”
“Yes, but who the hell cares if you’re an Indian. I say, who the hell cares.”

Can’t you just hear the droll British? Anyone for a Pim’s?

The Case FOR Baseball in DC

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the New York Yankees trounce the Baltimore Orioles 10-4. So the Yankees bought their talent ? isn’t that what professional baseball teams are supposed to do? Alex Rodriguez’s salary is indeed bloated, but after seeing him belt two homers ? and drive in half of the Yankees’ runs ? I certainly feel like he was worth every penny. He made me a believer.

I’m sure he made a number of Orioles fans believers, too, even if they didn’t like the score. Last night was the highest attendance EVER at Camden Yards. 49,696 people came to the game. And though it was a great night for a ballgame, I’m pretty sure that many people showed up on a Tuesday evening just to watch A-Rod play.

Baseball is back, and early attendance records can back me up. For this reason, but not for this reason alone, I’d like to advocate the relocation of the Montreal Expos to Washington, DC.
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