Coming to Terms With Changing Locations: When Travel Leads You Home

Two months ago, I moved to another city. And I still haven't gotten over it. This isn't a tale of culture shock, though my old city and my new one are quite different. Nor is this a tale of hardship. My life is comfortable -- more comfortable than most -- and I didn't have to

The Perils of Networking When Everyone Is Your Friend

I know a lot of fascinating people. I know writers and editors, chefs and restaurateurs, celebrity personal assistants and a few well-connected people in the television industry, pilots and programmers, museum curators and fashion designers. Many of the fascinating people I know I knew Before Social Media (BSM)*, while many others I "know" I have

Of Freelance Writers and Junkets

There was a debate about travel writing ethics today on Twitter (#twethics), which started with a story on Gawker called "New York Times Travel Writer Broke These Travel Writer Rules With Junket." Gawker ran the above photo of Mike Albo, said travel writer, who was accused of engaging in a "swag orgy" because he accepted

Paul Theroux On How He Became a Travel Writer

Paul Theroux may be a curmudgeon, but he's a damn good travel writer (if that's what you must call him). This piece in the Guardian about how and why Theroux became a travel writer comes a few days shy of the release of his books The Great Railway Bazaar and The Old Patagonian Express as

Planting Season at MissAdventures

Dear friends, I must apologize for the long delay in writing. But, I have been up to big things. First of all, I have been concentrating on my writing and my other blog I am using Italofile as a way to explore the Italy travel landscape beyond the pages of my books The Unofficial