Will This Ever End?

    Kind of like Melvin in Office Space, I’ve been moved several times to different desks in my company. Today, I moved to my 5th desk within one year. No wonder I’ve had it with my day job…

    Ah yes – I’m a copy editor by day, freelance writer by night (and when I can steal a free moment, also by day). Luckily, I’m going to be leaving this job at the beginning of July. I am counting the minutes.

    I don’t mind the work that much, but all this moving just seems so impractical. I’m not the only one who has to move around all the time, either. Others like me – contractors, if you will – are subjected to this nomadic lifestyle quite regularly.

    I want to write a letter to the prez of this company stating just how much the company could save if:

    1) They stopped paying the contracting company twice per hour what they pay me. I’m sure a benefits package could come cheaper.

    2) They stopped moving people from desk to desk. Imagine – they pay people to move computers and file cabinets around all day.

    The real kicker is that today I return to the desk where I started some 15 months ago. I’ve come full circle to the cramped half cubicle that I knew and loathed.

    As you can imagine, sabotage is not far from my mind. Luckily, I’ll be leaving in the midst of a huge project.

    ‘Good luck, everyone!’

    Yeah right.